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Alle Oberthemen / Medicine / General / MIC
what does the intervention lader comprsie?
eliminate choice
restrict choice
guide choice though disincentives
guide choices though incentives
huide choice though changing the default policz
enable choice
provide information
Eliminate choice
Introduce laws that entirely eliminate choice, for example compulsory isolation of people with infectious diseases.
Restrict choice
Introduce laws that restrict the options available to people, for example, removing unhealthy ingredients from foods
Guide choice through disincentives
Introduce financial or other disincentives to influence people’s behaviour, for example, increasing taxes on cigarettes, or bringing in charging schemes to discourage car use in inner cities.
Guide choices through incentives
Introduce financial or other incentives to influence people’s behaviours, for example, offering tax-breaks on buying bicycles for travelling to work.
Guide choices through changing the default policy
For example, changing the standard side dish in a restaurant from chips to a healthier alternative, with chips remaining as an option available.
Enable choice
Help individuals to change their behaviours, for example, providing free ‘stop smoking’ programmes, building cycle lanes or providing free fruit in schools.
Provide information
Inform and educate the public, for example, campaigns to encourage people to walk more or eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
Do nothing or simply monitor the current situation.
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