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Alle Oberthemen / Teaching / Reading / Reading
Guidance before reading
1. provide a reason for reading
in real life we don’t normally read without a purpose
2. introdusing the text
should make students want to read the texts, extra information to make the texts easier to understand, shouldn't be a monologue of the teacher, ...
3. setting a top-down task
first getting an overall understanding, predictions on a text, ...
4. breaking up the text internal differentiation of learner groups; weak ones discouraged, strong: bored
any breakup is better than none for the first work on it; ideal for intensive work, ...
5. dealing with new language controversial issue
some words should be pre-taught, yet a long list of new words indicator that text is too difficult. Look for opportunities for presenting key language items during introduction. better than isolated presentation
6. Asking sign post questions

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Autor: isipixi
Oberthema: Teaching
Thema: Reading
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