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Alle Oberthemen / Medicine / General / MIC
what are the rates for the diability care component and the mobility component?
care component:
highest rate: 70 pound
(you need help or supervision thoughout the day and druing the night)

middle rate: 47 pound
(if you need help with personal care frequentlz of supervision continually thougout the day only or help with personal care or someone to wathc over you during the night or someone while you are on dialysis )

lowest rate: 18 pound
( if you need help or supervision for some of the day or you are unable to prepare a cooked meal)

mobiliy rate: higher rate 49 pound
(if zou have anz of the other more severe walking difficulies)
lower rate 18 pound
(if you ned guidance of supervision out of doors)
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Autor: Peebls
Oberthema: Medicine
Thema: General
Veröffentlicht: 04.04.2010




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