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placebo effect and oher possibilites have an effect on the decision for CAM. explain the following factors.
Many diseases are self-limiting
Many diseases are cyclical
Placebo effect
Bets are "hedged"
Original diagnosis may be wrong
Mood improvement or cure
Psychological investment in alternatives

Many diseases are cyclical
Allergies, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome all have their ups and downs. Sufferers may seek therapy on a down, so that when an up comes that has to be due to the therapy, doesn't it. Again, only rigorous study design combats this.
Placebo effect
Both the above contribute to what is called a placebo effect. It can be seen as the natural course of things. For instance, some people need no pain relief after surgery [1], making a pre-emptive intervention which claims to reduce pain after surgery a sure win. There will always be some people publicly to declaim its value. Natural "placebo" rates depend on what the problem is and what the benefit is. There will always be some people who benefit without an intervention.
Bets are "hedged"
If a patient improves after a long period of ill-health during which they have taken CAM, CAM which get the credit whether it helped or not (or whether conventional medicine did)

The original diagnosis may be wrong
Mood improvement or cure
The intensity of many CAM interventions and time and attention paid to the patient may induce feelings of well-being.
Psychological investment in alternatives
Either as a ‘creative’ or just taking control and putting the effort into engaging with the CAM regimen
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