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Alle Oberthemen / Social Studies / Education / Education Exam Questions & Theorists
Criticisms of Functionalism
1) Evidence of differential achievement in terms of class, gender and ethnicity suggests that education is not meritocratic.
2) "Who you know' is still more important than "what you know" in some parts of society. So the allocation function isn't working properly.
3) It can be argued that the education system doesn't prepare people adequately for work. For example, the lack of engineering graduates indicates education is failing to produce employers and the economy needs.
4) Functionalism doesn't look at how education may serve the interest of particular groups in terms of ideology and values. It doesn't explain conflict.
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Autor: Lex26
Oberthema: Social Studies
Thema: Education
Veröffentlicht: 07.04.2010




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