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Alle Oberthemen / Teaching / Reading / Reading
a uniquely L2 topic
- may support comprehension but  also may interfere with
  comprehension transfer as interference is typically assumed to
  influence beginning + intermediate levels of L2 reading as they use
  every source available to them for comprehension

- transfer can occur with phonological, topical, general background knowledge, problem-solving strategies, inferencing skills
- beginning L2 levels:
students’ strongest resources are their L1 language + reading abilities, their knowledge of the world
- latter situations:
give students enough vocab, reading practise so that they will rely less on L1 resources that might interfere
- make sure that students don’t always have to read texts that are
  too difficult for them
- advanced reading levels:
make students aware that they need to have a purpose for reading, explore goals for L2 reading
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Autor: isipixi
Oberthema: Teaching
Thema: Reading
Veröffentlicht: 18.05.2010




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