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Alle Oberthemen / What do pets need? / Pets' needs / Petsneedit
Dog's barking
A constantly barking dog creates an uncomfortable atmosphere due to loud, sometimes even piercing noise. But for her this is not the best circumstance. Most often, barking is caused by some kind of irritant: the animal is bored, scared, worried, thirsty or thirsty, uncomfortable or pain, etc. Barking may also be an attempt to attract attention.

To effectively deal with constant barking, you must try to establish its cause and, as far as possible, establish it. And to teach a pet to behave moderately noisily should be as early as possible, from the youngest puppy age.
Tags: dog
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Autor: sirenagees
Oberthema: What do pets need?
Thema: Pets' needs
Schule / Uni: Biology institution
Ort: New York
Veröffentlicht: 04.03.2020




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