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Alle Oberthemen / Law / Civil Law / Civil Procedure 1L
Matsushita v. Zenith (notes)
Cited in Twombly dissent - another conspiracy for restraint of trade case.  Japanese manufacturers fixed high prices for tvs in Japan, and low ones in America.  After years of discovery, Ds got summary judgment.

H - Raising a mere "metaphysical doubt" as to the legality of the Ds conduct is not sufficient.  However, note that this got past pleading and was decided on SJ.  Twombly dissent agreed that facts pleaded would not be sufficient to survive SJ, but that the Ds should have at least had to answer.
Tags: Pleading, Specificity
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Autor: stgillian
Oberthema: Law
Thema: Civil Law
Schule / Uni: Tulane
Ort: New Orleans, LA
Veröffentlicht: 02.03.2010




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