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Alle Oberthemen / Technology / Informatics (5 Karten)

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Advances in Touch Screen Technology
Touch technology is not a new innovation. We now use touch screens every day, whether it is our smartphone as soon as we wake up in the morning or using touch screen technology to pay for our train fair or lunch in the supermarket. As we know the progression of technology is rapid, every six months or so we are presented with the latest smartphones and computers with improved specifications and appearance.
Improved Touch Sensitivity
The same goes for touch screens and the latest technology has seen the emergence of surfaces that react to touch by sensing the infrared signature where your fingers are touching the surface; the result is a system that allows more than one person to manipulate images, video, 3D models and more. Although technology you already use may have multi-touch capabilities, such as the iPhone or iPad, for which you can buy iphone installs, the latest touch screens are even more reactive, containing over 1000 touch points per surface which produces a highly responsive and tactile system. These screens present even greater usability potential, allowing the user(s) to perform tasks that would not have been possible on single touch screens.
Interactive images projected onto a floor
The new multi-touch screens are appearing in many forms not just smartphones and tablets, with interactive tables providing a form of entertainment at events and exhibitions and marketers are beginning to see their benefit with interactive floors and windows beginning to be used as alternative promotional techniques that many brands are adopting in order to engage new customers.
Other functions
Other functions of new touch screens even allow users to place their mobile phone onto the multi-touch surface and upload a presentation which is opening doors for touch screens in the world of business. It comes as no surprise to us the speed at which technology is now moving and this includes the advance of touch screens in recent years. The latest touch screens now assist us in many aspects of everyday tasks and entertainment and it looks like we can expect to see more touch screens in the form of marketing tactics from global brands looking for new ways to capture attention.

If you feel you could benefit from hiring a touch screen either for a party or corporate event then doing so is now extremely easy. If you want to engage guests or potential customers through the use of a modern multi-touch screen then visit specialists such as Arcstream AV for more information.
Autor: geoffreyownby
Oberthema: Technology
Thema: Informatics
Veröffentlicht: 03.05.2019
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