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Mobile Technology (5 Karten)

Sag Danke
A blogging site in which the user can publish material and write on any topic that he/she desires.

In a K-12 setting, this could be used to incorporate discussion among students on a topic studied in class. This would give the more shy students a way to voice their opinion and feel comfortable in doing so. Also, it would allow peers to teach peers new information on the subject or correct mistakes.
This is a website that lets teachers create a course online and publish materials, polls, set up discussion boards, and give tests which all appear on mobile devices.

In a K-12 setting, I would use this tool to provide students who miss a class a way to catch up. I would also use it to give students extra material if they want to do extra studying and test-yourself quizzes and exams.
Adobe Dreamweaver
This is a powerful program that allows a person to create a website and edit it to fit all sorts of devices.

Since this is a very complicated and powerful tool,  in a K-12 setting, I would use it to create my own webpages that students can access on their mobile devices. It will be able to tell them when something is due or what material was covered in class. Perhaps in the older grades (9-12) students could begin to learn how to create their own websites that are compatible with different mobile devices.
This is a application that allows for educators to publish content and material that students are able to access.

In a K-12 setting, I would use this app to give students more material to study from. I would also use this app to let students create their own questions and test their peers on their knowledge.
QR Code Generators/Readers
QR stands for 'Quick Response'. Essentially, it is a barcode in which people can scan with their mobile devices and gain information that is attached with that barcode.

In a K-12 setting, I would use this to create a sort of scavenger hunt. Students would be given a question and they would have to find the QR codes which will provide them with hints or pictures related to the answer. They continue until all the hints are given to them or  until they reach the answer on their own with all the clues provided.
Autor: CoboCards-User
Oberthema: Mobile Technology
Thema: Education
Veröffentlicht: 20.11.2012
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