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Sag Danke
Have you ever wished you could dance in the rain in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can with this cool augmented reality app. Weather-Cam allows you to capture photos, videos, or choose an image from your photo library and add weather effects that you just wouldn't be able to pull off in real life. Choose from snow, rain, hail, and lighting to add that weather effect to your photos or while creating videos. After you've created your weather effect of it snowing in your house, you then have the option to share to all your friends throughout Facebook & Twitter or even save it directly to your camera roll.

Overall I found mobile app promotion of Weather-Cam to be a very unique and fun app to toy around with to create photos and videos with some weather effect creativity. A few things that would be nice to see in future updates to Weather-Cam would be more weather options to choose from such as, leaves blowing in the wind, tsunami's, tornadoes, and possibly a neat sand storm. Another minor feature that would be a great addition would be to allow users to share their Weather-Cam creations to Instagram & Pinterest as well. Weather-Cam is currently available for your iPhone devices over on the App Store for $0.99, so make sure to click the iTunes link below and download it today.
With loads of fun photo editing apps that are currently available on the App Store these days we were pleasantly surprised by the power and options that were at our fingertips using the neat multi-layer photo editing app, layrs. Layrs literally allows users to select different layers of a single photo and add outstanding effects to each layer individually. The amount of different effects that users can choose from while editing each layer really gives people tons of options to create and share their very own artistic touch to any photo they have in their photo library or simply take a picture on the go to spruce up. The range of possibilities seems to really go the distance in providing a great user experience.

Overall, we found layrs to really be a powerful photo editing app that people will highly enjoy in creating their own masterpieces with ease. The great technology behind separating layers with extreme accuracy was really well done by the development team as well as the amount of filters and effects that the app contains. Layrs is currently available over on the App Store at the always great price of free so we strongly suggest that you click the iTunes link below and download the app today.
Have you ever wondered how often you do certain activities in your day to day life? Well iKeepStats available over on the App Store is an app that allows you to track and monitor those activities directly from your mobile device. iKeepStats allows you to create daily events that you may like to keep tabs on with a simple swipe to add feature so you can add and monitor each time you do a certain action. A great example of tracking your daily activities would be the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis. Simply create a new event, label that event, and quick swipe the slider to add each time you smoke a cigarette throughout the day. If you stay committed to tracking each time you complete a certain task or event, iKeepStats gives you a great amount of data over time so you can monitor how frequent throughout a day, week, or month you complete an activity by showing you a visual record. Overall I found iKeepStats to be a work in progress that can only get better in future updates with adding in some useful features. Don't get me wrong here, iKeepStats does exactly as it states however we'd like to see a better highlight feature, giving the user a clear idea of which activity is being displayed when choosing from the activity list. Another feature we'd like to see added would be a push notification from the app to remind the user whether or not they're staying committed to tracking events to get more accurate monitoring on daily routines. iKeepStats is currently available over on the App Store for $1.99 so make sure to click the download link below and start tracking your activities today. On a side note, I can see iKeepStats being a great tool for people who are looking to decrease or quit certain daily activities to possibly kick bad habits. - See more at:
Numble Free
If you have ever had the pleasure of playing the old school card game Rummy, then you will deeply enjoy playing the highly addictive turn based game, Numble. In Numble you will begin with 14 tiles with the main objective of the game to be the first player to play all of your tiles on the board in order to defeat your opponent. There are several different strategies in getting rid of your tiles by placing sets of three or more of the same number on the board, runs of consecutive numbers such as; 2,3,4 in the same color, or manipulate the board by playing off from your opponent in order to outnumble your friends and family. If you have tiles that can't make a move simply press the green check mark button to either receive 3 new tiles or swap out up to 10 tiles per game. Numble Free allows you to challenge opponents through Facebook, Twitter, screen name, or simply play against a random player. With it's easy layout and great in app tutorial, you'll have no problem picking up the game and beginning to play at ease.

Overall I found Numble Free to be a highly entertaining number game that really brings back the good old days of playing the card game Rummy with the family. The entire app is well put together with one minor exception that we would suggest by adding an AI opponent to give the user the ability to play through a game with a little added speed. Numble Free is currently available on the App Store for your iDevices so make sure to click the link below to download and begin playing today.
Wordstop Free - The anti word game!
Are you ready for a unique game on the App Store? Well Monster Mobile Marketing has uncovered one with a fresh new concept in the world of word games called Wordstop - The anti word game. In Wordstop, unlike any other word game out there your goal is to force your opponent into creating words. In its simple layout similar to other word games out there, Wordstop deploys a great strategic challenge along with a one of a kind game play concept. In this turn based game you'll go back and forth against an opponent where you must literally avoid spelling a word while setting them up with letter chains to back them into a corner and force them to complete one. Pick your opponents via Facebook, email, or by random to begin word battles where you'll enjoy hours of entertainment. Built with some neat features in Wordstop Free that you'll certainly enjoy are the bombs which when used will eliminate letters that aren't valid before taking your turn that will give you an edge in surviving against your opponent. Another good feature is the Word Wizard which can be used at the end of a game to reveal word possibilities and build up your vocabulary against future players. With over 150,000 words featured you'll be sure to have more than enough non stop entertainment that will last for quite some time. Overall I found Wordstop Free to be a highly unique, breath of fresh air app that you don't normally see in the App Store these days in terms of being a one of a kind game. Having the ability to challenge friends & family via Facebook, email, or just simply choose a player at random really opens up the game to allow you to play at all times against opponents. The one thing I noticed throughout game play is that you can't delete previous matches that will eventually load up your opponent screen but this is a minor bump in the road as you do have the ability to keep track of your stats. Wordstop Free - The anti word game is hot off the press and was just released today to the App Store so make sure to click the iTunes link below and download this unique word game adventure today.
Autor: freddywong
Oberthema: Computer
Thema: Application
Schule / Uni: Universität Basel
Ort: Basel
Veröffentlicht: 08.05.2019
Tags: apps, installs
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