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All main topics / Bio Chemisty / Acids / Biochem quiz 2-enzymes
Factors affecting enzyme activity
Substrate concentration- must be in excess to maintain 0 order

product concentration- shifts equilibrium, causes same effect as substrate depletion if in excess

coenzyme concentration- Acts like substrate (NAD), if not enough of it behaves like substrate depletion ->1st order

concentration of Activators/cofactors- (Calcium, magnesium, vitamins) some systems require it to do anything, but if depleted causes 1st order

pH- Most enzymes prefer a fairly neutral pH (7-7.4), but sometimes they have much different pH's that they work at

Temperature- works best at 37 degrees C as temp increases, activity increases, but when the temp increases too uch the bonds deteriorate

Stability- stability of enzymes are variable, some need a specific temp (acid phosphatase) but others can sit for days (amylase)

Anticoagulant- should be avoided, they bind to Calcium and usualy Mg, use heperin in coagulations beause it doesn't use Ca

Hemolysis- enzymes reacting in plasma instead of cells, usually bec of bad collection

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Author: skunz11
Main topic: Bio Chemisty
Topic: Acids
Published: 07.05.2010




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