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All main topics / Bio Chemisty / Clinical Bio Chem / Biochem quiz 1
alpha 1 globulin and electrophoresis
includes alpha1 antitrypsin which inhibits trypsin, if low it indicates emphysema, but if high it indicates inflammation (acute phase protein

alpha 1 acid glycoprotein increases in cronic inflamation and increases a lot in malignant disease (acute phase protein

alpha 1 fetoprotein-fetal protein at embryonic stage, increases in maternal serum and amniotic fluid lead to fetal open neural tube defect, extreme rises in adults indicates hepatocellular or germ cell carcinoma. if decreased in embryo, may cause down's syndrome
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Author: skunz11
Main topic: Bio Chemisty
Topic: Clinical Bio Chem
Published: 02.03.2010




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