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All main topics / BWL / Personalwirtschaft / Management II
Describe the Communication Process.
                                             Transmission Phase

Message     >      Encoding    >   Medium    >    Decoding by Receiver

Sender                           N   o   i   s   e                            Receiver

Decoding by    <   Medium    <    Encoding       <        Message
(now receiver)

                                              Feedback Phase

• Messages are transmitted over a medium to a receiver.
- Medium: the pathway over which the message is transmitted (e.g.
telephone, written note, email).
- Receiver: the person getting the message.
o The receiver decodes (interprets) the message, allowing the receiver to understand the message.
o This is a critical point: failure to properly decode the message can lead to a misunderstanding.
- Feedback by receiver informs the sender that the message is understood or that it must be resent.
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Author: Egregius
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Personalwirtschaft
School / Univ.: Universität Mannheim
Published: 11.03.2010




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