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All main topics / Business Economics / Behavior, Managment and Organisation / BMO
You want to increase the productivity of an employee. Your goal is to have him produce 10 units per day. On the first day he produces 5 units and you give him a reward. On the second day he produces 5 units and you don’t give him a reward. On the third day he produces 6 units and you give him a reward. Which method of behavioral change are you using?

A) modeling
B) shaping
C) classical conditioning
D) social learning
E) ego impairment
b) shaping


Methods of Shaping Behavior are: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment and extinction.

You give positive reinforcement to show the employee that his behavior is closer to the wanted behavior than his former behavior.
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Author: Elisa
Main topic: Business Economics
Topic: Behavior, Managment and Organisation
School / Univ.: Hanze Hogeschool
City: Groningen
Published: 14.02.2010




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