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related with wellbeing
1. a treadmill - /ˈtredˌmɪl/  cinta de correr
to go on treadmill

the work-to-spend treadmill: salir de trabajar y a gastar
consumer treadmill -

treadmill rutina

2. eating healthily
3. a get together with friends
4. take up singing
5. a feeding frenzy
- alimentar la locura consumista, frenética

to take up:

1. asumir, adoptar, hacerse cargo de, tomar, tomar para sí; Sinónimos: assume, take upon, absorb, affect, arrogate, co-opt, don, take on; Return to a previous location or condition. ; Adopt. ; Occupy or take on. ; Take up and practice as one's own. ; Begin work or acting in a certain capacity, office or job.
      The painting resumed its old condition when we restored it.
      Take up new ideas.
      He assumes the lotus position.
      She took her seat on the stage.
      We took our seats in the orchestra.
      She took up her position behind the tree.
      Strike a pose.
      Take up a position.
      Start a new job.

   2. subir, izar, llevar hacia arriba, llevar para arriba; Sinónimos: bring up, carry up, lift, lift up, pull up, put up, raise
   3. hacerse cargo; Sinónimos: take over, see to it, take charge, take control, take over the helm, take the helm; Take up and practice as one's own. ; Begin work or acting in a certain capacity, office or job.
      Take up a position.
      Start a new job.

   4. ocupar, emplear; Sinónimos: employ, engage, give work to, hire, busy, give a job, take into one's service; Engage or hire for work.
   5. llevar la carrera de, estudiar, llevar; Sinónimos: study, go into; Turn one's interest to.
      Take up Medicine, Llevar la carrera de Medicina.
      He took up herpetology at the age of fifty.

   6. sacar a colación, traer a colación; Sinónimos: mention, bring up, broach, cite, drag in, moot; Pursue or resume.
      I had to take up that touchy subject, Tuve que sacar a colación ese punto.
      Take up a matter for consideration.

   7. subir a; Sinónimos: get up on, lift to
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