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cultural guide
Cultural guide
[U] a drink made by adding hot water to the dried leaves of a plant. It is very popular in Britain, where it is usually drunk hot, with milk, and sometimes sugar. Many British people have a cup of tea in the morning, and several more during the day. Some people stop work for a few minutes to have a tea break. Most people in Britain offer a cup of tea to anybody visiting their home or office. Tea also suggests comfort and warmth, and sitting down with a ‘nice cup of tea’ is a common response to problems and worries: Mr Lewis will be with you in a minute. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee while you are waiting?
2 [U, C] (in Britain) a light meal eaten in the late afternoon. It usually consists of tea and cakes, biscuits or sandwiches:
Mary has invited us to tea.
The hotel serves afternoon teas.

3 [U] (in Britain) the word used by some British people to refer to their main evening meal. It consists of cooked food and is usually eaten early in the evening, when the family arrives home from work, school, etc: What’s for tea tonight, mum?
Source: Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary
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