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Linguistic and processing differences between L1 and L2 readers
1. Different amounts of lexical, grammatical and discourse
    knowledge at initial stages of L1 and L2 reading
2. Greater metalinguistic + metacognitive awareness in L2 settings
3. Different amounts of exposures to L2 reading
4. Varying linguistic differences across any two languages
5. Varying L2 proficiency as a foundation for L2 reading
6. Varying language transfer influences
7. Interacting influence of working with two languages
    there are always 2 languages involved in L2 comprehension
        processes (inevitable interplay); this influences word
       recognition, reading rate, organization of the mental lexicon,
       strategies for comprehension, …

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Author: isipixi
Main topic: Teaching
Topic: Reading
Published: 18.05.2010




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