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Greater metalinguistic and metacognitive awareness in L2 settings
metalinguistic awareness and reflection of language
our knowledge of HOW language works: letters - sounds, texts - genres, sentences - and their parts
- often develop a greater awareness of the L2 itself as part of their
  reading resources
- unlike the tacit knowledge of L1 learners, L2 learners are often able
  to discuss/ reflect on the linguistic resources available to them that
  they use to assist comprehension

metacognitive awareness
our knowledge of what we know; a basic way to understand learning startegies; conscious use of reading strategies
- pre-planning, on-line planning, post-evaluation. Such strategies
  allow the learner to control their own cognition by coordinating the
  planning, organizing and evaluations of the learning process.
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Author: isipixi
Main topic: Teaching
Topic: Reading
Published: 18.05.2010




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