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L2 readers
L2 reading can be quite different from L1 reading
- learn to read mostly at the same time they learn the language orally
- no resource of several thousand words stored in their heads
- lack of tacit L2 grammatical knowledge + discourse knowledge
- sometimes they r not fully aware with overall genre expectations of
  certain types of texts (newspaper, biographies, …): information
  can be accessed easier

- greater awareness of the L2
- a big part of the students’ L2 knowledge results from direct
  classroom instruction: development of a greater metalinguistic

- mostly not exposed t enough L2 print to built fluent processing/ to
  built large recognition vocab.
- they come with linguistic knowledge of their L1 can become a source of interference
- while learning to read L2 readers have to broaden their linguistic
  knowledge simultaneously: deal with transfer effects, learn to
  use L2-specific resources (translation, glosses, bilingual
  dictionaries, …)

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Main topic: Teaching
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Published: 18.05.2010




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