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All main topics / Medicine / Anatomy / Anatomy 13, 10 (ear and trigeminal)
what does a flush of blood vessel over the handle of malleus indicate?
what does a bright red tympanic membrane indicate?
what does an acute effusion indicte, which woudl be visible behind the tympanic membane?
what does aute otitis media produce?
what is glue ear? grommet?
what does dysfunction of the pharyngotympanic tube indicate?
e early otitis media,

advanced stage if the tympanic membrane appears
bright red.

acute upper respiratory tract infection.

Acute otitis media typically produces a mucopurulent fluid in the middle ear, which will release by perforating the tympanic
membrane and producing a copious discharge
Persistence of the effusion may lead to its thickening,
commonly known as ‘glue ear’. A grommet may be
visible if this has been treated surgically.

Dysfunction of the pharyngotympanic tube may cause absorption of the air in the middle ear and retraction of the tympanic membrane. This will give undue prominence to the short lateral
process of malleus, while a Valsalva manoeuvre on the part of the patient should produce outward movement of the tympanic membrane and a ‘popping’ of the ears.
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