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It is May 1. The quoted price of a bond with a 30/360 day count and 12% per annum coupon in the United States is 105. It has a face value of 100 and pays coupons on April 1 and October 1. What is the cash price?
A.  106.00
B. 106.02
D.  106.04
Answer: A

The cash price is the quoted price plus accrued interest. There are 30 assumed days between April 1 and May 1 and 180 assumed days between April 1 and October 1. In this case the quoted price is 105 and the accrued interest is 0.06×100×30/180 = 1.00. The answer is therefore 106.00.
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Main topic: Finance & Investment
Topic: Derivatives
Published: 27.10.2015




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