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All main topics / BWL / Human Side of Innovation / HSI - Core
What is the additional climate factor "Bureaucratic climate" (2 factors)?
2 bureaucratic context factors:

Centralization: how power is distributed in a hierarchy and whether employees are encouraged to participate in decision making (high if decisions must be referred up the chain of command; low if employees have opportunities to act according to their inclinations);    
e.g., team leader ‘uses my work group‘s suggestions to make decisions that affect us‘

Formalization: extent to which rules are clearly specified and procedures standardized (if high, employee freedom and ability to engage in discretionary behavior is reduced);         
e.g., ‘our work involves a great deal of paperwork and administration‘
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Author: Florian
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Human Side of Innovation
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Published: 13.07.2013




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