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All main topics / Law / Civil Law / Civil Procedure 1L
International Shoe v. Washington
Minimum contacts

DE Corporation w/ PPB in MO that has “independent agents” in WA – can be sued in WA?

H - Rather than looking at Pennoyer’s conception of presence, due process requires that if he isn’t present in the forum, must have certain MINIMUM CONTACTS w/ the forum such that the maintenance of the suit does not offend the “traditional notice of fair play and substantial justice”

How do you determine if there are MINIMUM CONTACTS?
(1) Systematic & continuous activities in forum state
(2) Volume of business/activity in forum state
(3) Benefits and protections of forum state
(4) Claim arising out of those systematic & continuous activities
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Author: stgillian
Main topic: Law
Topic: Civil Law
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Published: 02.03.2010




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