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All main topics / Law / Property / Property
David Meyer (New Dean)
1. Definitions changing- marriage means something (but in more profound way- cultural layer, centuries old)

2.Not about marriage itself- new arena where property is being discussed.

3. Proliferation of alternatives to marriage that all give benefits from state dangerous b/c weakens capital/distinctive meaning of marriage
a. Or: this will just open up family diversity that is calibrated to particular level of commitment
b. In states where same sex relationships recognized in some manner- legal recognition ratcheting up/upgrading towards marriage
i. Intermediate forms of relationship that are so controversial b/c creating menu of commitment/family organization, not happening in those states
c. Not strong constituency for intermediate choices→ their greatest significant will be as transitional step to broader definition of marriage→ social power of marriage people don’t want to fool with is holding up well under transition.
d. Prediction- marriage will be alive and well and buffet of choices not likely to take hold.
e. Residual (marriage), Dominant (buffet), Emergent  (back to marriage)
i. We actually like the continuity of property and what it means→ we like the rules
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Author: jackielen
Main topic: Law
Topic: Property
Published: 17.04.2010




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