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All main topics / Management / Entrepreneurship, Leadership / MGMT 3000 Exam 2
What is a Dutch Auction IPO? What company, noted in the powerpoint slides, used a Dutch Auction IPO several years ago?
A Dutch Auction IPO is an IPO where the price is set by the lowest winning bidder. 

Example: Three bidders each want one share of stock. Their bids are $25, $30, and $50 respectively for one share.  However, the company is only allotting a total of two shares, so the lowest bidder at $25 doesn't get a share.  The $30 bidder and $50 bidder each get a share, but they both only pay $30.

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Author: savhighsmith
Main topic: Management
Topic: Entrepreneurship, Leadership
School / Univ.: UGA
City: Athens
Published: 30.03.2011




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