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All main topics / Law / Property / Property

P: employs 2 men to gather manure into heaps; left overnight
D: swipes it before P comes back

Placement of item matters: 
-Utilitarian aspect of object- social benefit when on land, in city vs. rural

Manure originally belonged horse owners. 
-Abandoned manure→relinquished title

Whose property did it become once it was abandoned?
-Good for  city to get rid of it (nuisance).
Belongs to state if of value, to world if of no value.

Locke’s labor theory- P put into heaps (like dissent in P v. P)

Custom- city does not want manure on streets.

First possessor? Abandon creates new title, start over w/ possession.
-Deprive of natural liberty? Utilitarian? Republican?

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Author: jackielen
Main topic: Law
Topic: Property
Published: 17.04.2010




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