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A patron asks you for help/advice on (illegally) downloading music.  What do you do?
This rarely happens, but when it does it can be a bit tricky.

While our role is not one of policing what people do on the computers, as employees of the library we would not want to provide actual assistance in this type of activity (i.e., we would not want to provide recommendations for the "best" file-sharing sites or actually walk them through the process, etc.). 

One strategy that works well if directly asked for help illegally downloading is to just feign ignorance.  For example, you could say something like "Oh I don't know sir, I always just get my music through iTunes or Amazon's MP3 Download service").

Of course, if the question is not about the actual downloading of music but is about something technical like say "how do I transfer these MP3 files to a USB drive" we can provide assistance with this (again our role is not a policing role and we can give them the benefit of the doubt that the MP3s were obtained legally).

EDITOR-NOTE: Check with Julie.
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