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collocations 2
a keyquestion, word, player, issue

a value for money restaurant, hotel, holiday, blouse (article of clothing)

gruesome murder, crime, film - truculento

filthy room, house, clothes, children

biased article, book, programme,paper, opinion, judge, referee - parcial, tendencioso

to house the victims, the refugees, a homeless person

to go off food, people - hartarse
   I've gone off her, ya no me gusta

to issue a statement, a passport, a certificate

a distressing situation, news, experience

to deprive children of education

user-friendly computer, gadget, instructions

ambivalent opinions, feelings, answers

to frown on/upon an attitude, a behaviour, a new law desaprobar, no ver con buenos ojos

cushy job, number: cholloa cushy number  (=job):

He’s got a really cushy number working at a holiday resort.

to weed the weakest, the trouble maker, the black sheep
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