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All main topics / Medizin / Hygiene & Infektionslehre / Hygiene M13
Neonatale Sepsis
I/T Ratio (Linksverschiebung)

When the I:T ratio is greater than 0.2,
this indicates that there is a “left shift.”

This left shift means that there are more immature neutrophils than mature neutrophils circulating around in the bloodstream.

When the demand for the neutrophils exceeds the supply in circulation, immature neutrophils are released
into the blood to help fight off the infection.

This is labeled a “left shift” and indicates that an
infection may be present.
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Author: John patzer
Main topic: Medizin
Topic: Hygiene & Infektionslehre
School / Univ.: Meduni Graz
Published: 04.03.2016




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