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explain the spinocerebellum
spinocerebleum ialso knwon as paleocereelum. is influeced bz the spinocerebellar tract wich are ascending. influeced posture and contorl of movment, contian vermis and paravermis. passto globose and emboiform and a few to astigial.the ones via fastigial go avain to the vestibular nuceli  to vestibulspial tract.
emligofrm and flobose reeive the ascending ones via the inferior cerebllar peduncle form dthe dorsal spinocrebllar and via the superior cerebelar educnle the vetnral spnocerebellar tract. then thez sonase there and go to the contralateral red nucleu and then cros gain so end up at the same side to the  ruborspianl tract inw ich they descend, whcih influenes fleors.
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Author: Peebls
Main topic: Medicine
Topic: Anatomy
Published: 26.03.2010




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