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All main topics / Medicine / Angiosperms / Angiosperms
Describe the angiosperm life cycle (1 - 5).
1. Microsporangia in anthers produce pollen (microspores) by meoisis.

2. Microspores germinate, form 3-nucleate microgametophytes with 2 sperm cells.

3. Megasporangia in ovules produce megaspores by meoisis.

4. Megaspores develop into 8-nucleate megagametophytes with 1 egg cell.

5. Double fertilization produces an embryo in a seed (from ovule) in a fruit (from ovary)
Tags: angiosperms, life cycles, megaspores, microspores
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Main topic: Medicine
Topic: Angiosperms
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Published: 19.04.2010




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