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With loads of fun photo editing apps that are currently available on the App Store these days we were pleasantly surprised by the power and options that were at our fingertips using the neat multi-layer photo editing app, layrs. Layrs literally allows users to select different layers of a single photo and add outstanding effects to each layer individually. The amount of different effects that users can choose from while editing each layer really gives people tons of options to create and share their very own artistic touch to any photo they have in their photo library or simply take a picture on the go to spruce up. The range of possibilities seems to really go the distance in providing a great user experience.

Overall, we found layrs to really be a powerful photo editing app that people will highly enjoy in creating their own masterpieces with ease. The great technology behind separating layers with extreme accuracy was really well done by the development team as well as the amount of filters and effects that the app contains. Layrs is currently available over on the App Store at the always great price of free so we strongly suggest that you click the iTunes link below and download the app today.
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Author: freddywong
Main topic: Computer
Topic: Application
School / Univ.: Universit├Ąt Basel
City: Basel
Published: 08.05.2019




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