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All main topics / Mobile Technology / Education / EDIT 202 - Week 11
Smart Phones
Smart phones are cellular phones that have certain features that make them very "smart" and informative. You can easily retrieve information from the internet and can also use apps. Despite the fact that most students with cell phones do have smart phones, I don't believe that it would be a good idea to make it mandatory that every child have one. If they have one it will make answering survey questions and downloading apps a lot easier, but for those who don't have one they could simply use a laptop or tablet. If they do not have one of these technologies then they could simply borrow one from the school. Smart phones are very fast and great for in class use due to the fact that they are so fast and user friendly. I could ask them to download an app that I want them to use in class, and they could have it downloaded in a matter of minutes. As well as with survey, they can easily go online and answer the questions and I could get the results minutes later.
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Author: Kaitlyn Menard
Main topic: Mobile Technology
Topic: Education
Published: 25.11.2012




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