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All main topics / Mobile Technology / Education / EDIT 202 - Week 11
Surveys are a series of questions that can be asked to any audience on any subject matter that you need. They can be long or short, and you can make questions to get feedback or information from your audience. In a classroom setting I can see myself using these in conjunction with smartphones, tablets or laptops. I could ask my students to fill surveys out for year end feedback, in class questions, or general ideas. If I am teaching new subject matter and I want to know if my students are understanding it, I can get them to fill out a survey that I made to see how much they understand and what I need to spend more time on. I would definitely use surveys in my classroom because they are fast and easy and give me great information to work with.
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Author: Kaitlyn Menard
Main topic: Mobile Technology
Topic: Education
Published: 25.11.2012




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