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In mathematics

Interval (mathematics), also called a range; the range between minimum and maximum e.g. the range on 21 22 23 and 24 is 3
Range (mathematics), the set of all output values produced by a function
Range (statistics), the difference between the highest and the lowest values in a set

In science

Mountain range, a group of mountains bordered by lowlands
Range (particle radiation), the distance a charged particle travels before stopping
Range (biology), the geographical area where a species can be found
Range (music), the set of notes a musical instrument can play, or that are used in a piece of music
Vocal range, the breadth of pitch that a human voice can produce

In technology

Range (computer science), the set of allowed values for a variable
Range (aircraft), the distance an aircraft can fly
Range of a projectile, the potential distance a projectile can be hurled by a firearm or cannon

Other uses

Shooting range, a controlled environment where weapons are fired at targets
Rangeland and open range, in ranching
Driving range, an area where golfers can practice their swing
Kitchen stove, or range, an appliance used for cooking food
Range, a pair of navigational beacons whose line indicates a channel. If lighted they are called Leading lights in Britain or range lights in the USA
Range, Ohio, an unincorporated community in Ohio, United States

Source: Biodiversity Lecture
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