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All main topics / Business Economics / Behavior, Managment and Organisation / BMO
Astro Inc. is reorganizing and your new work group begins working together on Monday morning. Your college course in
organizational behavior contained information about the stages of group development and your supervisor has asked
your advice about the predictable stages of group development.

You should tell your supervisor that in the first stage of group development, the team members
will probably be xxxxxxx.

A) uncertain
B) excited
C) in conflict
D) focused on the task at hand
E) confident
A) uncertain
Tags: Forming
Source: p. 320
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Flashcard info:
Author: Elisa
Main topic: Business Economics
Topic: Behavior, Managment and Organisation
School / Univ.: Hanze Hogeschool
City: Groningen
Published: 14.02.2010




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