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All main topics / Biology / Microbiology / Bac. Resp. Infections: Actinomycetes and Mycobacteria
Mycobacterium Leprae

What are the 4 forms of Leprosy?
How is it transmitted?
What are the problems that it causes?
Where does it grow?
How is it diagnosed?
Intracellular growth - hard to culture on artificial media

Tuberculoid Leprosy
Borderline tuberculoid leprosy
Borderline Lepromatous leprosy
Lepromatous leprosy

All caused by M. leprae

transmitted by contact, aerosols, inhalation

Grows intracellularly

Causes skin lesions (can fuse fingers together). Damage to nerves

Diagnosed with skin test (lepromin). Or can use Light Microscopy with AFB stain
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Topic: Microbiology
Published: 11.02.2010




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