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1. for areas and cities, poor an in a bad state. In bad condition because no one has spent money on repairs
2.animal vagabundo
rundown adjetive

This area of Liverpool is poor and run-down.

It was a rundown places with one grocery store, a bar and lots of  stray dogs (bagabundos)

a stray dog has no owner and walks the streets

stray   adj  1  (=errant)
[bullet] perdido
[sheep] descarriado
[cow, dog] extraviado
a stray cat   (=lost) un gato extraviado  (=alley cat) un gato callejero

2  (=isolated, occasional) aislado
in a few stray cases -  en algunos casos aislados
a few stray cars  algún que otro coche
a few stray thoughts  unos cuantos pensamientos inconexos
b  n
1  (=child) niño(-a)  m/f  sin hogar, niño(-a)  m/f  desamparado(-a)
2 strays  (Rad) parásitos  mpl

to stray:

1  [animal]  (=roam) extraviarse
(=get lost) perderse, extraviarse
if the gate is left open the cattle stray -  si se deja abierta la puerta las vacas se escapan
2  (=wander)
[person] vagar, ir sin rumbo fijo
[speaker, thoughts] desvariar
to stray from   (also fig)  apartarse de
we had strayed two kilometres from the path  nos habíamos desviado dos kilómetros del camino
they strayed into the enemy camp  erraron el camino y se encontraron en el campamento enemigo
my thoughts strayed to the holidays  empecé a pensar en las vacaciones
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