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Summary of Skeletal Muscle Contraction (steps 9-13)
9.  Myosin heads bind to actin forming cross-bridges.  P are released from myosin heads
10.  Heads of myosin bend, causing actin myofilaments to slide across surface of myosin myofilaments (Power-stroke)
11.  ADP molecules are released from myosin heads
12.  ATP can bind to myosin, breaking cross-bridge.  Myofilaments return to resting state.  Myosin head is “cocked” (ATP broken down to ADP + P + energy)
13.  If Ca2+ is still bound to troponin and ATP is available, steps 8 – 11 repeat and muscle continues to contract
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Author: Rozen
Main topic: Biology
Topic: Muscle Tissue
Published: 09.05.2010




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