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All main topics / Business Economics / Behavior, Managment and Organisation / BMO
David has the opinion that people who drive SUVs are dangerous drivers. He often perceives
that people driving SUVs are doing so in a dangerous manner, even when other observers can
see nothing wrong with the behavior of the SUV drivers. What factor in David is affecting his
perception in this case?
A) his interests
B) his experiences
C) his expectations
D) his motives
E) his background


He made the experinace that SUV drove carelessly in the past, that's wahy he perceives that all SUV drivers are dangerous drivers.
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Flashcard info:
Author: Elisa
Main topic: Business Economics
Topic: Behavior, Managment and Organisation
School / Univ.: Hanze Hogeschool
City: Groningen
Published: 14.02.2010




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