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Definition of Technological Gatekeeper (TGK)
Technological Gatekeepers are key persons in innovation-related communication processes who supply scientists and engineers in the industrial R&D divisions informally with relevant information through external sources.
Translated from Gerpott/Fleischer/Domsch, 1987,  p. 703

„individuals who maintain consistent, ongoing contact outside their organizations, who know the way in which outsiders differ in their perspective from their own organizational colleagues, and who are able to translate between the two systems.“
Allen/Tushman/Lee, 1987, p. 703

„those key individuals who are both strongly connected to internal colleagues and strongly linked to external domains.“
Tushmann/Katz, 1980, p. 1071
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Main topic: BWL
Topic: Human Side of Innovation
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Published: 13.07.2013




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