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All main topics / BWL / Human Side of Innovation / HSI - Core
Innovator roles: With a growing degree of technological innovativeness...
inward-looking roles of expert-, process- and relationship-promotor show growing negative effects

The negative effects of the power promotor are explained by the highly innovative projects that could not be improved by increasing resources. Because of that, the common reason for positive effects of TMTs does not apply.

The higher the degree of innovation – the more heavily the top
management will be overstrained
  – the more it should count on
lower and middle management, whose professional task it is to
deal with challenging projects. 

outward-looking roles of technological gatekeeper, relationship-
promotor and project leader show growing positive effects.

With a new technology not only the technological knowledge of the
innovating company changes, but also of their competitors, customers, suppliers and research partners. 

That is why the company also has to keep up with this newly arising
external knowledge and its new applications.

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Author: Florian
Main topic: BWL
Topic: Human Side of Innovation
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Published: 13.07.2013




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