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Chinchillas cage
Chinchillas are peculiar animals and significantly differ from other decorative rodents in their habits, character and physiological characteristics. In addition to the fact that shushi are long-lived, they, by virtue of their natural ingenuity, lend themselves best chinchilla cage not only to upbringing, but even to the simplest training, quite easily learning elementary actions: respond to a nickname, approach the owner, return to the cell after a walk, etc.

Chinchillas are very shy, so you can’t make jerky movements, raise your voice and make a lot of noise, any such stress can cause the animal to become ill. When the animal appears in your home, at first do not take it sharply in your hands, do not try to stroke or cuddle. Over time, with gentle and gentle handling, these rodents become tame and fully trust a person. These animals are not malignant and almost never bite (except when the shusha is thoroughly angry).
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Author: sirenagees
Main topic: What do pets need?
Topic: Pets' needs
School / Univ.: Biology institution
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Published: 04.03.2020




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