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what is one and a half syndoreme
lets saz lesion on left mlf and lesion in (so form left abducens excitatory fibres to righ oculuo) and right abducends nerve

so, if i want to look to right, cand llook to right, as my abdcunds does not wokr. the oculomotr medial recuts oon ohter side cnat also lookk to hte right as the abducnes is not wrking so cant send its excitatory signals to the contralateal oculomotr.  no eyes oare moving at all if i want to look at right.

if i want to look at left i can with ma abducends on left sdie,but cant with my oculomotrs, as the mslf of the left abducnes does ont work co cant send its excitiaroy fibres to the contralateral medial recuts.

so called one and a hlaf beacuse only half a eye is wokring naly the left abducens. 

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Author: Peebls
Main topic: Medicine
Topic: Anatomy
Published: 26.03.2010




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