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what is monocular blindness?
bitemproal hemianopia
homonymous hemianopia
quadrant anopia
macular sparing
Damage to the optic nerve on one side (2) results in monocular blindness.
Damage to the chiasm at the midline (3) results in bitemporal hemianopia (here “temporal” refers to the temporal half of the visual field).
Damage to the optic tract on one side results in homonymous hemianopia (here the lesion is on the right side, so there is blindness of the left halves of the visual fields).
Selective damage to the direct or indirect fibres of the optic radiation on one side results in quadrant anopia.
Finally, damage to the visual cortex results in a homonymous anopia, the extent depending on the extent of the cortical lesion. Here the anterior part of the cortex is damaged, thus sparing the representation of the macula (i.e. the most acute part of the retina, including the fovea).

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