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All main topics / Medicine / Anatomy Foot / Anatomy 1, 12 (neck), 9 (eye)
by what structures is the roof,
medial wall
inferior wall
lateral wall
orbital part of the frontal bone (separates the orbit from the anterior cranial fossa)
lesser wing of spenoid ( towards the apex of the orbt)

ethmoid bone, with contributions from the frontal, lacrimal, and
sphenoid bones.  Anteriorly, the medial wall is indented by
the lacrimal groove and fossa.  The medial walls of
the orbits are extremely thin and highly pneumatized with
ethmoidal air cells

maxilla  zygomatic and palatine (walls are shared bz maxillarz sinus and is demarcated form the lateral wall bz the inferor orbital fissure)
bones. Its thin wall is shared

frontal process of the zygomatic bone and the greater wing of the sphenoid, and is the thickest and strongest wall (and also the most exposed and vulnerable to direct trauma).

• The apex of the orbit is at the optic canal, which passes through the lesser wing of the sphenoid, just medial to the superior orbital fissure.
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