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what is peripheral neuropahty
spinal cord hemisection
brainstem or cerebral cortex dayfuntion
1 loss of sensaiton in hands and feet, due to the large verves which are there who are metabollicallz higha active so tehse are the ones which are affeted most. cuase is diabetes mellitus.

complete secion of spinal cord reuslt in loos of senstaion and motor jfunciton below the injury, however, in hemisecition, affects onlz the left or ight half. in bown seqared, sesnation losst on same die of injur wereas pain and temparte los on opposideside of injruz

3 contalateral loss of senstation or motr
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Author: Peebls
Main topic: Medicine
Topic: Anatomy
Published: 26.03.2010




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