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All main topics / Hebrew / Vocabulary / TELLING TIME
READ THIS FIRST: The basics of telling time in Hebrew.
Clock in Hebrew is שעון, sha-on.  Both "hour" and "time" are שעה, sha-ah. "The time" is השעה, ha-sha-ah. "What time is it?" is the same as "What hour is it?" and is מה השעה, ma ha-sha-ah, or  literally, "What the hour?"

When time is within 30 minutes after the hour, the answer to this question gives the time as the hour plus minutes, or the hour plus "quarter" or "half".

Hence, for up to 29 minutes after a certain hour (such as 5:01 - 5:29), the format is "the hour א and ב minutes" where "and" is vav - hence

השעה א וב דקות

Therefore 5:03 would be

השעה חמש ושלוש דקות

or ha-sha-ah xamesh v'shalosh dakot. (Note that if it is just 1 minute after, then it is דקה, dakah.)

5:15 would be 5 and a quarter, hence

השעה חמש ורבע

ha-sha-ah xamesh v'reva (reva means quarter).

5:30 would be

השעה חמש וחצי

ha-sha-ah xamesh v'xetsi (xetsi means half).

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Author: George
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Topic: Vocabulary
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Published: 19.03.2010




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