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explain the vestibulocerebellum
whaat is the vestibulospinal tract
known as achiberebellum
inut from vestibulocohler nerve to  to cortex of floccunodular lobe, form tehre to fastigila nucleus, form there to vestibnular nuclei, and form tehre to  contralaterallz to medal and latreal vestiulospianl tract and on contralalteral side to medial vestinulospianl atract. which is influecnes. over the nferior cerebelar peduncle

vestiulostnaltract. is influeced bz vestibulocerebellar tract go to extensor muscles to to mainitan posture and standing .
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Author: Peebls
Main topic: Medicine
Topic: Anatomy
Published: 26.03.2010




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